50s space kid aesthetic

polka dot planets dresses and silver lipstick and curled hair and glittery neckties and pearl earrings and glow in the dark socks

thinkin about the stars while skating down the road to a diner on pink quad roller skates, chewing bubblegum and wearing holographic nail varnish and an alien shaped backpack

body glitter and neon tights and big underskirts :)))

You just described Ms. Frizzle.


Under no circumstances can I say this is not ridiculously funny.

I had dinner at a restaurant with my grandpa last night and he ordered a Bud. 

It took all the self-control in the world to not make the canoe joke. 





I want to go to this exact point and run around it saying “I’m in Sweden!” I’m in Finland!” “I’m in Norway!” until I get tired

i aspire to great things in life

According to Google Maps, that point is in the middle of a small lake.

So we’ll do it in January when it’s frozen.

actually that’s why they’ve helpfully dropped a big-ass cement block with a bridge surrounding it in the middle of the lake: for the express purpose of doing what OP aspires to do

'Fringe' star Blair Brown heads over to 'OITNB'




Unlike Mary Steenburgen, who was cast as Pornstache’s mother, Brown’s role has yet to be revealed. Who will she be: New competition for Red, perhaps a sibling or relative of hers? Norma’s vocal sister? Any guesses?



Natasha walking through the Avengers tower with her angry face on and Clint thrown over her shoulder fireman style she just storms past everyone and no one speaks Clint just hangs there and sadly waves to everyone as they pass